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We are super excited about our new photo confirmations for both installations and service requests. Starting last night all installation and service request confirmation emails to you will include a photo of the completed work! Now you will know immediately not only if the sign is installed or a service is completed you will see that it is done. We are currently working on the ability to send you removal photos.  

With much appreciation and gratitude,

Dan Deist (owner) : Kiran Metha (Manager) :  Erik Smith (Route Supervisor) : Pedro Garcia (Warehouse Supervisor

IMPORTANT: Please note that although you can see black posts as an option we've been instructed by Weichert Corporate that we are to  install only white posts. We apologize for the confusion. We know you can see black as an option when ordering. We aren't able to eliminate that from happening because other clients use black. Again, we apologize for any misunderstanding or confusion this may have caused.  

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